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Sprinkler Installation Summerville

So, you’re planning to have your yard landscaped. You may have already chosen the plants you want to sow, the yard features you want to have installed, and the lighting you want to put up. But what about choosing the equipment to irrigate and drain your yard? Have you given those a thought?
Why you need to worry about your landscape’s water maintenance system
There are four main reasons why you need to think about something as seemingly boring as the irrigation & drainage:

Each plant has different watering needs:

Too little or less moisture can destroy your yard. Certain vegetation requires water once every few days, while others need copious amounts of water every few hours. A well-planned water-level maintenance system can help you control how much water goes towards each specific plant and in turn, helps the plant thrive.

It’s easier to conserve water:

Water is a scarce and valuable resource. Using it incorrectly in your yard can result in water either flowing away or evaporating. This defeats the purpose of irrigation and also wastes water. A drip sprinkler system can ensure that neither happens.

Your topsoil will remain structurally strong:

A poor drainage system can result in water pooling on the surface. This excess water can rot your plants or even loosen the topsoil and wash the soil away. A good drain system prevents these from occurring.

You can prevent accidents & diseases:

When water pools, it also becomes a hotbed for water-borne diseases like malaria. It also acts as a slipping hazard, putting you and your loved ones at risk. This is where good drainage comes handy.

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Sprinkler Systems Summerville SC

How our team at Summerville Landscaping Pros can help
At Summerville Landscaping Pros, we are a landscape installation company based out of Summerville. We have extensive experience working in residential and commercial landscapes.
In our experience, we’ve seen how a poorly-planned drain or watering system can affect the health and longevity of the landscape. We have numerous tools and equipment in place, which can manage the water levels in your yard, ensuring your plants flourish for years to come.
Some of the services we can offer include:

Sprinkler system installation

  • Drip sprinkler set-up and maintenance
  • Rain sensor installation
  • Smart systems and water savers installation
  • Sprinkler systems installation & replacement systems
  • End-to-end drain system assembly
  • Culvert installation
  • Curb ramp construction
  • Grassy swale digging
  • Drain grate, dry well, and French drain installation
  • Hydrojet maintenance
  • Sump pump installation
  • Drain plumbing and maintenance work

Contact us for microclimate zone design
Do you have exotic plants that require specialized care?
Well, you’ll be happy to know that our team at Summerville Landscaping Pros specialize in microclimate zone design. We have worked with numerous vegetation, and our experts know what conditions to create to ensure that your unique flowers and plants remain in full bloom for years.
Just call us up and let us know what vegetation you have in your landscape, and allow us to do the rest.
We conduct equipment evaluations too 
Your yard and lawn sprinkler system can get damaged over time. They may even become outdated as the needs of the vegetation changes. In this case, you can contact us for a comprehensive lawn evaluation.
We will take a look at your drainage and other equipment. We will develop a new plan that will help irrigate and drain your soil better. Our master plans will be well-suited to the needs of your landscaping. You can trust us for personalized solutions.

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